logo is one of the most important and indispensible aspects of your business. Whether a potential client is looking at a business card, borchure or banner, their initial perception and purchasing decision is partly influenced by your logo. Brand equity is argueably the most important differentiation between successful and unsuccessful companies.

custom logo design is the foundation of your branding strategy. There are literally thousands of logo design companies, some offering template designs, some offering cheap services. A custom logo not only ensures that you are receiving a logo designed specifically for you and your brand ambitions, but also that a professional, proven design team is working on your logo. When it comes to logo design, as it is infinitely true in the online marketing industry – You get what you pay for.

We at 208 Designs strive to exceed our clients’ expectations by working with our clients to ensure our logo designs capture their branding requirement and fulfill their target consumer perceptions. Our process ensures that we understand your business, audience and competetive environment and ultimately providing to you a logo you are proud to call your own.

208 Designs use a select number of extremely talented designers to custom design logos. We will provide you with 3-6 beautifully designed logos to choose from. Upon receiving a link to the logos, you will have up to 5 days to select your new logo. If needed, we will do up to 2 revisions on your chosen logo. We will have the updates made and back to you within 2-3 days. After receiving the updates, we will need a final decision on your new logo and will move to getting you the appropriate files for your records.

If you do not select your new logo after 14 days, a logo will be selected by our accomplished artistic staff.

There are no refunds on custom designed logos for any reason.

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